The JPSO Band of Excellence was founded by Sheriff Newell Normand Community Foundation in 2010, to engage our youth in positive activity.  The goal is to grow to 165 members, including many who have never picked up an instrument.  
Sheriff Normand hopes the exposure to the band will offer kids the direction and discipline they need for their music and for their lives in general. His goal is for all the band members to go to college.  The program continually stresses its slogan, "We Care about Your Future" as it has reached out to college students to be mentors.
The JPSO Band of Excellence is the vision of Sheriff Newell Normand and is a cooperative endeavor between the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office (JPSO) and the Sheriff Newell Normand Community Foundation, a 501c-3 nonprofit entitiy. The Band of Excellence has acquired Mr. John Summers, Band Director and Mr. Thomas Dean, Percussion Instructor.
In tune with At-Risk Youth
Jefferson Parish Cops & Clergy Colaition
Music for the Soul: Band of Excellence Continues to Grow


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